US Patent #9,051,087


A patented stretch fabric cover with pockets for airplane tray tables.

Airplane Pockets gives you plenty of room and storage for all your personal items and covers your tray table for a clean surface to enjoy during your flight. It is designed to give travelers convenient pockets to hold their personal items and a clean table to eat and work on. No more shoving your belongings into the seat back pocket in front of you where the last traveler may have placed his used tissues, gum, trash, and other unclean items.

Relax and enjoy your flight knowing that you are using eco-friendly, clean, washable, and convenient, Airplane Pockets.

As an added bonus, 50% of all profits go to Homeless Not Toothless, a 501(c)3 nonprofit that provides free dental care to homeless veterans and foster children. Since its inception in 1992, more than $5 million in dental care has been provided free of charge.

More than 815 million people
flew last year.