Why Airplane Pockets Is A Must Have Item

Why Airplane Pockets Is A Must Have Item

The Airplane Pockets are a unique and useful travel accessory. The product has saved people tons of money by not leaving personal expensive items on a plane and saving the immune system by providing a germ-free clean tray table. We could sit here and tell you how amazing the Airplane Pockets truly are until we are blue in the face but how about you take the customers word from the thank you emails they have sent us after using their new Airplane Pockets.

What customers think of the Airplane Pockets and how they are using them.

  • We love the pockets. They work so well. They fit the tray great, they hang at the perfect height and hold our water bottles great. I was able to just roll them up with all our little things in them and stuff them into my backpack. I get so creeped out by the usual plane seat pockets. Your pockets made me way more comfortable. Thanks again, we love them — Jaclyn

  • I travel a lot for work. I often do work on the plane and I am always afraid of leaving my iPad or cell phone. I have left behind lots of things in the past and although the airline tried to locate them they never reappeared. The pocket has changed my airplane anxiety by making it impossible to leave something and I find myself much more relaxed onboard and during deplaning! I love this product and have now ordered them for my jet setting parents. —Sarah

  • Just used my Airplane Pocket for the first time on my last trip. Loved it. The pockets were a lot roomier than I expected. I was able to put my tablet, earphone case, stand for my tablet and both my thermoses for coffee & water in them. However, if you cross your legs, the pockets might get in your way. I ordered a bunch for gifts. —Lynn

  • I did use my AP for the first time on a Delta flight last week, in preparation for an upcoming long flight. It passed with flying colors. I loved not having to stick my hand in the airplane seat pocket, and was happily surprised to find the little thin pocket that was perfect for my glasses. It was also great because I could leave things (not my glasses) like my tablet in the pocket when I took the AP off at the end of the flight. —Ben

  • My wife and I recently used them on a round trip and they worked extremely well. Simple to install - it easily fit over the tray but stayed firmly in place. Kept everything clean and accessible. Keeps everything together and organized - with airline seat-back pockets, it is often a squeeze to put the headphone case, water bottle, and other carry-on items we want at hand during the flight, and with Airplane Pockets everything fit in easily and made it simple to ensure we didn't leave something behind on the plane by forgetting to fish it out of the seat-back pockets. Didn't have to worry about sanitizing the tray. — Gary

These are just a few of the many satisfied customers. All of them appreciating the Airplane Pockets for what they are suppose to do. Don’t make the start or end of your trip a bad one. Stay Clean, Stay Organized, have an amazing comfortable flight.