Is this machine washable?

Yes, we have run our Airplane Pockets through hundreds of machine washes with no issue. We do recommend turning it inside out in order to keep the logo color vibrant.

How many uses can I get out of my airplane pocket?

This is a good question, we are still using the same airplane pockets we started with, so when they start to “not work” anymore, we will let you know. But so far, we’ve been using our pockets for over 4 years with no issues.

What Is Your return policy?

As long as your Airplane Pocket has no been opened, used or washed we will accept full refunds. Can I use my airplane pocket on a train or coach bus? Yes! We get plenty of customer photos of our Airplane Pockets being used on trains throughout Europe as well as coach buses. We can’t promise they will work for all trains or buses but its been awesome benefit of having your Airplane Pocket handy during your trips.

I don’t like to buy online, do you have any retail options in my area?

Yes, check out these retailers

I heard you donate 50% of your proceeds to charity, is that true?

Yup! Our co-founder is a disabled veteran so service members hold a special place in our hearts. We donate 50% of all profits to Homeless Not Toothless. A non-profit that provides free dental care for homeless veterans.

Can I customize my Airplane Pocket with my own logo?

Yes, contact us at to discuss your options.

Do Airplane Pockets come in different colors?

At the moment for retail, no.

How can I sell airplane pockets in my store?

Please email us at to discuss wholesale pricing.

Will my Airplane Pocket fit all airline seats?

Airplane Pockets will not work on tray tables that come out of the arm rest, this is typically found in bulk head seating. Also, we understand that first and business class typically have different tray table configurations. Sometimes if the seats are the extra large seats the Airplane Pockets will still work, if they are Pod seats or any other seating style, your Airplane Pocket will most likely not work.