After you install this & you close the tray table, isn't it closing up against the back of the seat exposing it to the germs on the back of the seat?

Just like you do with taking a wet wipe and wiping down your grocery cart seat, handles, etc., in a grocery store, wipe down the top, bottom of the airline tray table and the plastic back part of the seat that the cover will be placed up against once you fold it in place.

Does this work for business or first class sears for domestic flights?

I would think it would fit over any tray table. But have not flown first class or business to know. The material is stretchy FYI and would prob accommodate a larger tray table.

Isn’t this a deterrent with the pocket filled with stuff hanging loose from the collapsible tray? I’d also be worried about the cover getting soiled

Thank you for your interest in Airplane Pockets, The Airplane Pockets tray table cover is a sleeve that securely holds all of the items in place in the pockets provided and will not collapse from the tray. Thousands of our customers have used the product over the years without any issue either with the tray table up or down. Please watch the video below to see how it is used and feel free to contact us for any concern