"Sanitary tray table cover with four expandable pockets"

Patent # 9,051,087


Protect yourelf from germs


Everything organized at your seat

Plenty of Storage

Four expandable pockets

Clean Surface

Airplane Pockets™ is clean enough to eat off the table.

- Worried about Germs?
- Clean surface to eat and work on
- Your Own personal tablecloth for your tray!


Airplane Pockets™ allows a lot of legroom even when your pockets are filled with bottles, food and accessories.

- Easy to Use
- 4 expandable pockets
- Holds your laptop, phone, water bottle, glasses and more

Plenty of Storage

Airplane Pockets™ keeps all your items organized and accessible at arms reach for a comfortable flight.

- Never leave ANYTHING behind
- Reusable, easy to use, germ resistant
- Room for ALL your things

Best Travel Accessory
by The National Travel Association


They fit the tray great, they hang at the perfect height and hold our water bottles great. I was able to just roll them up with all our little things in them and stuff them into my backpack.

– Jaclyn Sutton

We love our airplane pockets! Just used them and were even asked about them by others so we passed on the link to buy them. I bought 5 so all in my family have them and I think I will buy a few more as gifts.

– Ann Silverman

Loved it. Easy to install on the tray, and provide nice large pockets for all my items. No need to try and squeeze my things into the small tight seat back pockets on the plane.

– Darren Greene

Can’t say enough positive things about these Airplane Pockets. Just got mine (3 days shipping to Hawaii). Exactly what I needed. I liked it so much I ordered 4 more for gifts!

– Maribizniz

I kept telling myself I needed to invent something to let me carry all my "stuff" when on an airplane -- and then I saw THIS. Great idea!! I will be ordering one before my next trip. And I love the fact that it does not create a problem when the tray is lowered.

– Guy Owen

I am looking forward to keeping all my things in one clean spot! My iPad, my headphones, my journal, and my water bottle. I need to order one for my husband too as he left his Bose headphones on our last flight in the seat back pocket.

– Pam